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Loading POIs with the ARchitect JavaScript Framework

Loading POIs with the ARchitect JavaScript Framework

Good morning and thank you Wolfang,


ARML and KML are not directly supported when using ARchitect. However it is possible to parser ARML and/or KML in javascript and generate the POIs using the mentioned GeoObject, GeoLocation and Drawable classes.

ARchitect gives full control of how the POIs should look and how the user can interact with them.

Hi everyone,

As i've read in the Arcchitect tools documentation.."ARchitect is a JavaScript Framework for browser-based Augmented Reality Worlds. It allows you to develop Augmented Reality Worlds using HTML, JavaScript and CSS."

i can create Architect apps an interact with points created by specifying the geolocation:
"var myGeoObject = new AR.GeoObject(myGeoLocation, {drawables: {cam: myCircle},
triggers: { onEnterFieldOfVision: enterFOV, onExitFieldOfVision: exitFOV} });"


Can i have access to Pois (WORLDS) uploaded through KML, ARML?

do i need to access them vía the iOS and Android SDKS?

Thank you very mucth
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