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Image Recognition: Support for simultaneous tracking of image targets

Image Recognition: Support for simultaneous tracking of image targets

Vuforia SDK is capable of simultaneous tracking of up to 5 Image Targets.
However it seems like Wikitude only supports tracking of 1 image target at a time based on this thread.
Is it possible to turn on this feature for Wikitude?
Sample Use Case:
- I have 2 trackables(Wikitude Icon AND Vuforia Icon)
- I can augment the overlay image("Architect") to both of the icons at the same time when on camera view.

We currently limit the number of simultaneous targets to just 1. In the future we will support more simultaneous targets but right now it is unfortunately not possible.

That is unfortunate.

In any case, thank you very much for responding quickly.

Three months after, I'll try again...

Do now Wikitude supports simultaneous tracking of up to 1 target image?

Thank you. 

It's on our roadmap for this year. However I can't share any details at the moment, please stay tuned. For what kind of use case do you need it? If you don't feel comfortable sharing in the public forum please send an email to info AT wikitude DOT com.

Hello Wolfgang. Do you have any update in tracking two or more simultaneous targets?

I am working in Unity and What I can?t achieve is this: Display different AR content in the 31 targets that I have (WTC file). The content is different in every target.

How can I solve this?

Hi Gerardo,

If your question is about if 2 or more images can be tracked at same time simoultaniously in the AR view (e.g. 2 images are visible in the AR view at the same time) then this is not possible at the moment. If 2 or more of your target images of the .wtc file are displayed in the AR view at the same time, then the first one that is recognized will be tracked.



Hello Nicola,

I don?t want to track all the trackers at the same time.

I want to track a target but once the tracker is lost, I want to track another target.

For example: If I have a book I track the page 1, see the AR content and then pass to the next page. In theory the tracking is lost then I can track another target right? So I can track page 2, 3, 4, and so. The question is: how I configure this actions on Unity? In the last unity plugin version I can have multiple trackers in the same scene (in previous versions there was an error and you can?t do that). So now you can have multiple trackers in a scene, but now the problem is that once I Build the project to create the App, there are multiple errors, the App closes or if it opens, never track more than the first target.

I look around Wikitude?s and Unity Developers site but nothing explains how to resolve this, I find the solution to that problem in Vuforia but on Wikitude not.

Please help.

Hello Gerardo,

Our technical guy for Unity has already answered you via email. This is his feedback:

You don't need multiple trackers for this situation. When you create the wtc file in the Target Manager, add all the pages to it and make sure you have some kind of naming scheme so that you can recongnize at runtime which name belongs to which page. Then in Unity you have a single ClientTracker with a single Trackable configured to recognize all targets. You do this by setting the Target Pattern to "*". This Trackable should have a child with a script on it that can receive events from the Trackable. This is the setup in the Simple Client Tracking example, provided with the plugin. In that example, the script is called ToggleTrackable and has two functions: OnEnterFieldOfVision and OnExitFieldOfVision. You will notice that OnEnterFieldOfVision has a parameter. This parameter tells you which target was recognized, and based on this name you can display customized content for each page.

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