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Switch Between Two WTArchitectView

Switch Between Two WTArchitectView


I am having problem when switching between two WTArchitectView views.

Here is what I want, I have two ViewControllers, one to show LocationBasedAR and one for ImageRecognition. So I am creating two view controllers with two separate  WTArchitectView views which have their own Architect World html files. I am running into problems when I try to stop Location based AR and Start Image Recognition, the issue is when I stop location based AR and start Image recognition, the image recognition view comes up without camera, the whole screen becomes black, if I start Image Recognition first and then stop it and start Location based AR the screen becomes black here too.

One more strange issue I am facing is the app is crashing frequently when I switch between view controllers.

Please help me.




Why do you need two instances of WTArchitectView? You can load different ARchitect Worlds with one and the same WTArchitectView. 

You could create one ARViewController which has a WTArchitectView and reuse that ViewController.

Best regards

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