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Ar link does not seem to be working

Ar link does not seem to be working

Hello there

When i check my AR link in a phone browser it does not seem to work  I keep getting this messege instead   IT WORKS  this is the default webpage for this server.

the web server software is running but no content has been added yet.

I have checked that my world is working correctly in wikitude's app and it works fine


Any help is appreciated.

Hi Derek,

Could you please provide us with details on which device and which os version you're testing the ARLink? We did tests with an Android device and the behavior is as expected:

- Entered url in browser

- Wikitude is opened 



Hi  Nicola

I have tried the link using a HTC desire c running icecream sandwich 4.0.3 and received a messege telling me that i was not using a mobile browser and that i would be directed to a web page( i also tried it with an iphone 4 and got the same reply

am i correct in saying that this is whats supposed to happen

Once your user has clicked the link in the browser they are then forwarded to a Wikitude page, which performs a few checks, such as checking if your user has a compatible device or Wikitude already installed. In case the user has Wikitude already installed, Wikitude will launch instantly and open your Wikitude World in the camera view. If Wikitude isn?t installed, the user is asked to download the Wikitude app and forwarded to the respective store.

hope this helps 

Thanks Derek

Hi Derek,

We introduced a fix for your issue. Could you please retest and provide us with feedback if everything is working as expected.



Hi Nicola

I have tried the link on the same two devices and receive the following messege on screen


This is the default web page for the server.

the web server software is running but no content has been added, yet

I have also gone to my developer page and to the publish section where the world is usually available to edit and i see this error

Connection failed. An administrator has been notified. Please try again later

I have also checked to see if my world  ( University of Limerick ) is visible within the wikitude application and it is working fine.




Hi Derek o Meara!

The fix for your DevZone "Publish" panel should affect also your ARLink worlds.

Could you try with your devices the following points:

1. Open the browser on your device and point it to

(Which browser are you using on your smartphone ?)

2. Instead of typing the URL in your browser... Open the browser, surf to this post (or whatever page containing your arlink) and *click* on .

Thanks for your support in this phase!


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