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Android ArchitectView possible issue

Android ArchitectView possible issue

Hello gentlemen,

One of our collegues has reported a strange behavior in the AR view when he couldn't reach the marker that he saw on the radar - the marker was turning around together with him trying to turn to see it and constantly stayed off the screen. Did you have any reports like this previously? This happened on the JellyBean nexus.

Hi there!

Nope, this is not a known issue.

Could you please go through this short checklist?

Calibrate the compass of the device in Wiktiude-Cam and try again?

Open the World on the Nexus S and another device to see if this is an implementation or device/OS issue

If issue still occurs, please provide information about World-Name and your location so we can check (send mail to android(at) with subject "Forum Question 142346")

Thanks in advance,

Hi Andreas,

Forgot to tell that this happened with our android app using the Wikitude SDK 1.1, not the Wikitude android app itself. I think we still can try the compass tuning, right?

We'll try with the Wikitude app as well and get back with the filled checklist asap.

Hi there,

Yepp, just try calibration within the SDK's cam. I'm pretty sure it was just a compass issue.

Anyway: Please let me know your findings.


Hi Andreas,

Indeed it was a compass issue. Thanks for sorting this out.

A couple of notes:

- this issue was happenning to us when changing the location very fast and having a high altitude but not when being stationary

- the video link you've provided was not very helpful unfortunately, we ended up using the following app -

- it looks like compass calibration might get reset(?), we have done it on Wed on galaxy nexus with JB but had to redo today when spotted this issue again

Anyway, thanks for your help!

1 more note here: it looks like in some cases going to landscape mode may also fix the problem (observed on JB Nexus S).
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