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problem with AnimationGroup

problem with AnimationGroup

Hi, are you still having trouble with this? Any new observations?

Attached example works for me without any problems. It's based on your posted code snippet.

hi , I wanted to animate both my label and my image in the SimpleARBrowser sample . I changed the createOnClickAnimation function like this :


function createOnClickAnimation(imageDrawable , myLabel)


 var anim = new AR.PropertyAnimation( imageDrawable, 'scaling', 1.0, 1.2, 750, new          AR.EasingCurve(AR.CONST.EASING_CURVE_TYPE.EASE_OUT_ELASTIC, {amplitude : 2.0}) );

var anim2 = new AR.PropertyAnimation( myLabel, 'scaling', 1.0, 1.2, 750, new AR.EasingCurve(AR.CONST.EASING_CURVE_TYPE.EASE_OUT_ELASTIC, {amplitude : 2.0}) );

var animGroup = new AR.AnimationGroup(AR.CONST.ANIMATION_GROUP_TYPE.PARALLEL , );

return animGroup;



but when I define animGroup variable , even when I just return just anim variable , my json objects won't load . I checked the code and documents so many times and don't see anything wrong with my code .

I'll be appreciated if someone can help me with this .


Hi, from a quick check I don't see anything wrong with the code. I would suggest using ADE to try it out in the desktop browser where you'll have access to debugging tools and the error log.

To supply data just call the newData method from the javascript console.

Thanks Wolfgang . I checked my ARchitecht with ADE . it doens't have errors . it's strange this single line : 

var animGroup = new AR.AnimationGroup(AR.CONST.ANIMATION_GROUP_TYPE.PARALLEL , ); 

causes problem , even if I don't use animGroup . and after I comment it out , the code works fine . I don't see any problem with this line but it causes problem in the code . 

Which version of the SDK or AMV do you use? It should be 1.1. If it works in ADE it should also work on the device. To get more info on the error, you can surround the code with

try {
... // offending code
} catch (e) {
alert(e); // only works on ios
AR.logger.error(e); // works on android and ios,
// just call AR.logger.acitvateDebugMode() to get
//access to the logging console

Thanks Wolfgang I tried the code and again there weren't any errors on the ADE . and if I use try catch there won't be errors but also no animations happen . the package I've downloaded says it's 1.1 . but I didn't find any comments on the codes that says which version I use . just in the file is says "wikitude Jan2012" . 

thanks again for your help
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