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Video texture on the top of real object?

Video texture on the top of real object?

I'd like to see a real application for combining Image Recognition and geo based AR. Can this feature used to detect real world objects such as a storefront. Can I add a video on the top of the image (of the real object) once it has been detected in the location. I want the video within the real view not appear in full screen. For example I want a real storefront to be the tracker Image and when the users at the location of the store and they point their mobile to the store, an video or image will be added on the storefront signage with the real view of the camera. 
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currently we don't offer to display an video directly in the AR scene. However we see the potential for this and are very much considering it for an upcoming version. For now you have the possibility to play simple animations with AnimatedImageDrawable directly in AR or to play any video in fullscreen.

As for the storefront. You will have to try it out how good it works for your location. You could try following things:
 - Track a logo/sign/texture that is prominently visible on the store front (you can move drawables' positions with offsetX/Y property)
 - Use a range of reference images for different times of the day to compensate for different lightning and shadows.
Thank you so much for your reply

Do you know any app currently use this feature (the combination between Image Recognition and geo based AR) ? 

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