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ERROR removed cached image from url

ERROR removed cached image from url


I am currently receiving this error when refreshing a list of POIs on the aug view in Wikitude SDK 1.1 for iOS.

ERROR removed cached image from url cache because ARchitectCore failed creating image texture

The list of POIs are then presented as black items on the aug view.  This error only occurs when my phones data connection is set to 3G for its network provider.  If my iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi link the issue does not appear.  Any clues as to why this might be happening?
it seems that you are creating too many images or labels and the device runs out of texture memory. There are 2 things you can check:1. How many images do you require/load? Is there a misbehaving loop that is creating too many AR.ImageResources?2. Do you call ImageResource.destroy or AR.context.destroyAll if you don't require the images, objects anymore?
I was previously using the AR.context.destroyAll(); but this caused issues with the new radar I have implemented in aug view.  On the destroyAll() call the radar would simply disappear and not reinitialise when requested.

So I looped through each POI object and called destroy() method but im now getting this texture memory error.  Obviously im not releasing some resources in my code.  Can I destroy an ImageResource item once it is pushed into the poidrawables array?

No the imageresource is needed as long as it is used by any imagedrawable. You could however create a function like destroyMyObject and add it to your AR.GeoObject. This allows you to easily define what resources need to be destroyed when an object should be destroyed.


Regarding your initial error with destoryAll(). Can you please provide us with an example where this is happening? We would have a look at it and try to find out what might be causing this.
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