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Offline content ?

Offline content ?

Seen Google has made globally available on Android a version of Maps which supports cached map area, would it be possible :
for Wikitude to make use of the cached map data, instead of download it ?
for wikitude to allow or flag worlds or channels as being "offline", ie also the possibility to pre-cache the content of a wikitude world.
The main reason to request this being that mobile data roaming is still very expensive, and Wikitude's usage is most interesting in a place you don't know, ie typically when traveling abroad.
Hi there!

This is in fact a nice feature.
Unfortunately not that easy to handle from a legal perspective. We do not have permission of caching World's content or/and bulk download it for certain areas.

We are working on making this possible for World developers, so e.g. Tourist Worlds can later on decide by their own if and how content can be stored offline.

Stay tuned!
Thanks Andreas. Really looking forward to having this possible.
Does Google allow a program such as Wikitude to use precached map areas ? I find it strange I have not yet seen once single program on Android which makes use of precahced maps...

Hi all,

Any updates on this issue? we are starting a college project and we are in the proscedure to define which AR template is appropriate for us. We want to offer info for the tourists that visit our country and usually they don't have roaming data plans since the price is too high. So off-line data/content will give us a (basic) solution for the places that don't have a free wi-fi connection.

Thanks for any replies


It sounds like you're developing your own app. In that case you can use our SDK which is capable of handling data also in offline mode. Please also have a look at this forums post. To get more details on our SDK please visit our developer section.

Hope this helps.

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