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Can't load custom poi in the example

Can't load custom poi in the example
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/** * loads a sample architect world and creates a definable amount of pois in * beancontainers and converts them into a jsonstring that can be sent to * the framework *  * @throws IOException *             exception thrown while loading an Architect world */private void loadSampleWorld() throws IOException {this.architectView.load("tutorial1.html");
JSONArray array = new JSONArray();  poiBeanList = new ArrayList();try {//for (int i = 0; i Guys I'm having problem loading some custom poi in the Wikitube AR Example.
The thing is that the example works fine but when i try to load one custome poi then
the application displays the message that says the the JSON objects were loaded and
the poi is nowhere. Now if i try to load two ore more the application doesn't even displays
the message that the JSON objects were loaded.
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