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Wikitude SDK 1.1 released

Wikitude SDK 1.1 released
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Wikitude SDK version 1.1 is available as of today to download from the DevZone

Release Notes:+ 1.1 ARchitect 1.1 Release (16.08.2012)
|-New features:
|  New: HTML Drawables  (tutorial and video)
|  New: Relative locations  (tutorial and video)
|  New: Customizable AR radar (tutorial and video)
|  New: Sprite Animations (tutorial and video)
|  New: 3D Transformation (tutorial and video)
|  New: Animation Groups (tutorial and video)
|  New: Extension for Qualcomm Vuforia SDK for Image Recognition (tutorial and video)
|  New: Possibility to turn off camera and sensors
|  New: Possibility to add a single drawable to multiple GeoObjects
|  Fixed: Autorotation support (iOS)
|  Fixed: ADE shown in certain conditions on device (iOS) 
| -Improvements:
|  Improved: New tutorials and snippets
|  Improved: Library Reference examples and texts
|  Improved: New simple IR example
|  Improved: Streamlined trigger properties
|  Improved: Rendering performance in general
|  Improved: Performance of AR.logger output on device 
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