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What is displayed for each POI

What is displayed for each POI

1. The Wikitude Browser interacts with native Android through the urlWasInvoked method:

- The HTML send an document.location = "architectsdk://opendetailpage?id="+id&whatever=values&you=want&to=send
- Under @Overridepublic boolean urlWasInvoked(String url) {...} you get the values and do native code.

2. You can pass any object and information to the browser through JSONArray and/or JSONObject. Inside the browser the display and logic is no more than javascript and html + css.

Greetings and sorry for my poor English!
Hey! Thanks for your answer.
That function you mentioned, createClickTrigger, is it avaiable for me to edit? Is there any way I can trigger native android code?
And also, I managed to edit the bubble itself, it's pretty easy, but what about the internal browser that appears when you click on the "read more"? Is there any way to put whatever I want in there?
Hello shina, have a look at the SimpleARBrowser example. Everything that happens when a POI is clicked can be found in the function createClickTrigger(id). At the beginning the html bubble will be displayed ( = "block") and its content is set. You can extend this to include additional data. The HTML for the bubble can be found at the bottom of the document ().

You can try experiementing with the bubble HTML and test drive things in a desktop browser using the ADE (more info /ARchitectTools/ADE.html).
Hello! I've just begun using the SDK, and I was wondering if you could guide me a bit towards how to do stuff when a POI is selected. I would like to improve the simpe html that appears.
Thanks in advance
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