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Publishing from WordPress

Publishing from WordPress


I'm playing about with publishing content from my WordPress site to Wikitude. 

I've managed to find and follow the instructions for using the WP-Geo plugin to publish from WordPress to Wikitude but for some reason the output doesn't have any locations in it, I'm thinking this is a local issue I need to investigate as Wikitude has taken the feed and not returned any errors, it's just that the feed as no POIs in it!

I was wondering is there a simple way I could pull content that has location data from a number of blogs and pass the feeds to Wikitude simply and automatically, say looking once an hour for new content?

I'm not a developer..


Hi Mike,

have you tried the Leaflet Maps Marker Wordpress Plugin? Can you post  the ARML here your plugin is currently creating so we can have a look at it?
Hi Philipp,

thanks for getting back to me.

Yes I have tried Leaflet Maps Marker and I use it for some things on my blog and have managed to export content out of the blog and in to Wikitude. Because of the way LMM plugin works and stores the locations it isn't suitable for my project. I need a plugin that stores a location in the DB against the post rather than a marker, I have managed to do this and have a plugin that outputs a GeoRSS feed.

For Wikitude I have followed these instructions  and created a service that ouputs an ARML file, see it working here but for some reason it isn't pulling any locations in so I have contacted the plugin developer to ask for assistance.

The code that I am using in wikitude.php can be seen here (I have put it in Dropbox so it maintains the formatting.I have removed the DB password obviously)

In the ideal world I would want to take the output from my working GeoRSS feed (see for the feed in Google Maps) and have that imported in to Wikitude as a webservice so it updates as new content is posted but it looks like I am going to have to either run 2 different plugins which is not the prefered option, or get some middlewear to conver the GeoRSS in to ARML.

I hope that makes sense.


I've managed to sort this out now and get content in to Wikitude.

Was a code error :)
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