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iOS - ARchitectBrowser not initializing

iOS - ARchitectBrowser not initializing


I created a new iOS (iphone only) project and followed the documentation that came with your sdk.
Using a storyboard approach I set up a tab bar controller with two view controllers; one empty view displayed and start-up and one that is using wikitude.
I copied your ARchitectBrowser.html-file into my project so that I could get some positions showing, but unfortunately it isn't working.
The camera is showing, but no positions what so ever.

I reckon the problem lies in the inclusion of the html-file, possibly a step or a configuration that i've overlooked.
To test this, I modified the onScreenClick function in the html-file it to show some text in the "statusElement"-div.
The text is showing in your example, but it is not in mine.

Any ides what might cause the html file not to be included/initialized correctly?
I've confirmed that it is included in the "Copy Bundle Resources" section, and has the same virtual location as in your example (it's located in the root).

in the next SDK release we are going to add a storyboard based example app demonstrating the use of a TabBarController for switching between two views. You can find a pre-release version on

Please have a look at the the storyboard example, from your description it sounds like it is exactly what you are looking for.

Best regards,
Thanks, I'll give it a go later this evening
No luck, unfortunately.
I compared the two projects (mine and your storyboard-based app), and they are practically identical.

Like I said in my first post; the problem I have is that the browser doesn't load. Other than that everything seems to be working just fine.
I get the "Powered by Wikitude" screen and then camera is showing, but no browser loads.

Does the message-call ; need any special configuration to work?
The file is in my project, it is named correctly (ARchitectBrowser.html). It is included in Copy Bundle Resources section.
I've been stuck with this for several hours, but I guess I'll just have to keep on searching =)
Unfortunately Apple does not provide practical means to see what exactly is going wrong inside a webview. Therefore the best is to follow a step-by-step approach eliminating possible sources of error:

- Does the storyboard sample included in the package work on your device?
- If so, please replace the contents of the ARchitectBrowser.html in the sample with the contents of your particular ARchitect World.
- If it does not work anymore thereafter, try debugging your ARchitect World with the ARchitect Desktop Environment included in the SDK in the ADK folder
- if the issue persists try reducing your ARchitect World to the bare minimum and compare it to the included sample to narrow down the location of error.

Best regards,
Do you have spaces in your "Product name" for example: yourapp debug?
When you create the NSString with the pathForResoure method there will be spaces in it.
It seems, that the architect world will have it's troubles, when you use a string with spaces for the URL.
Same when you create a NSURL object with a string.

You could try to create the path to the .html file like this. In my case it works that way.
Otherwise I have the same problem, that the .html file is not loaded and so are no poi's are visible.

// specify a url for the architect world. this can be a local resource from the bundle, or a web link
NSString *architectWorldURL = ;

NSURL *arurl = ;
//NSLog(@"URL: %@nabsolut: %@", arurl, arurl.absoluteString);

// load the architect world

best regards,

I've got the exact same problem and I've wasted HOURS now trying to tackle it, so please help me out here. When I bundle an HTML, it won't load anything (no errors thrown, no urls called on the delegate), and nothing appears, but when loading the same file from a webserver, it works well.

As the OP mentioned, your example works with local files too (even with my simple files), but I can't tell where the difference is. I stripped down the sample project (WTSimpleARBrowser) to look exactly as mine does (same STB, same code) and yours still works while mine doesnt! Please help me, I'm in a tight spot.

iOS 6, running on iPad, I can privately provide sample code for Wikitude admins.





PS: the path to the local file is correct, so that's not the problem
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