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Would like to assign two images to POI.

Would like to assign two images to POI.

We would like to create a marker using two images and several texts. How can we do that?
Yes you can do that as a GeoObject can have more than one Drawable attached to it: e.g. here is an example with two images. Using the zOrder value you determine the order of appearance (background).
var circle1 = new AR.Circle(3.0, {zOrder: 0, style: {fillColor: '#FF0000FF'}});
var circle2 = new AR.Circle(1.5, {zOrder: 1, style: {fillColor: '#00FF00FF'}});

var drawables = new Array();

var geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(new AR.GeoLocation(lat,lon), {drawables: {cam: drawables}});
Using the property OffsetY you can "move" the Drawable up and down.

offsetY - float
The vertical offset to the calculated position of the Drawable2D, in SDUs. A positive offsetY causes the Drawable2D to move up, a negative offsetY causes is to move down.Default Value: 0
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