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No POI's in your area

No POI's in your area


I'm testing the wikitude webservice and I can't get a POI to come up on the phone while testing.
The ARML is at:
It has one POI at: -29.675047,31.114537

I set up the wikitude browser with my developer api key and set the location to be those exact same coordinates but when I click on it, the popup states that 'No POIs in your area".
I'm using Wikitude version 6.5.2.

Thanking you in advance 

Sorry for the noise again! I see it's most likely related to my service not responding correctly to the parameters sent to it: /mojo-api?language=en&latitude=51.85&sign=sdj798jtljet235edg7dzgusf6&maxNumberOfPois=100&os=Android&locale=GB&clientHash=W4-Server-GridUpdate&longitude=6.65'

I'll fix this on my side and see if it starts working as expected.

Thanks, that did the trick.
Check if you are entering the POI coordinates in the right order - it has to be:


Quite often longitude and latitude are mixed up (e.g. Google Maps uses longitude latitude the exact other way around as in ARML - which is KML compliant)
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