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stop defaultlocationmanager and use architectview.injectlocation ios 10

I 'm using the wikitude to post Poi(in xamarin) . i want to update distance and update the list of poi and the architectview location only if the userlocation change of 30 meters . In android , I used architectview.setlocation and architectview.calljavascript only if the location changes of 30 m and it works but in ios architectview.injectlocation doesn t work , the arview use the default wikitude locationmanager always (i tried architectview.useinjectlocation=true , same problem ) .


How to stop the default locationmanager and use arview.injectlocation (IOS10)?


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Hello Ahmed,

my guess is, that you set the UseInjectedLocation property of the ArchitectView untimely, preventing it from being actually set. This property can only be set after you have called the LoadArchitectWorldFromURL function and have supplied it with the Wikitude.Architect.WTFeatures.Geo flag due to internal restrictions.

I suspect this is not the case for your project, which would result in UseInjectedLocation always being set to its default value, which is false.

Please check whether this is the case for your project and get back to me.

Kind regards


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