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Instatiation of WTArchitectView compile errors

I am not using storyboards, so I manually have to add my architect view to my view controller.

Soon as I add the instantiation line


    self.architectView = [[WTArchitectView alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.bounds motionManager:nil];
  [self.view addSubview:self.architectView];


I get hundres of  Apple Mach-O Linker errors  all starting with


It is as if I am missing a C library, I have included just the Wikitude.framework. 

If I don't include the above the architectVIew will stay nil and nothing will work. I don't think I need the OpenCV library as I'm not doing face detection and purely doing POI location. ie WTFeature type WTFeature_Geo and nothing else.

Urgently need assistance, thanks


could you please provide the complete linker output for me to look at? Preferably as an attached text file.

Kind regards


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Ive changed the build settings underApple LLVM 8.0 - Language c++ from default to:

for CLANG_CXX_LANGUAGE_STANDARD TO c ++11 [-std=c++11]

and CLANG_CXX_LIBRARY to libc++ (LLVM C++standard library with c++11 support)

as per the iOS Javascript sample but still getting same link errors starting with:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:

 "std::__1::ios_base::~ios_base()", referenced from:

 WTLogger::sinkstream::sinkstream() in WikitudeSDK(WTLogger.o)

 "std::__1::__rs_default::operator()()", referenced from:

 int std::__1::uniform_int_distribution<int>::operator()<std::__1::__rs_default>(std::__1::__rs_default&, std::__1::uniform_int_distribution<int>::param_type const&) in WikitudeSDK(FlannTree.o)

 void std::__1::random_shuffle<std::__1::__wrap_iter<ceres::internal::SchurEliminator<2, 2, 2>::Chunk*> >(std::__1::__wrap_iter<ceres::internal::SchurEliminator<2, 2, 2>::Chunk*>, std::__1::__wrap_iter<ceres::internal::SchurEliminator<2, 2, 2>::Chunk*>) in XXX_lto.o

HI Daniel can I email it to you?

You may send it to I'll have it forwarded to me internally.

Kind regards


GOt it to work, I was missing libraries Libc++.dynlib and libz.dynlib

Further details from the Technical Support Team:

The Wikitude sample application ships with C++ Language Dialect and C++ Standard Library set to C++11 by default. 

Obviously, based on the output provided, the linker is not yet happy with what it is given, because libraries Libc++.dynlib and libz.dynlib were missing.

Please download the Wikitude SDK package from our website, run the sample project included unaltered.

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