If you want to generate the key for a new purchase (Cloud, Pro 3D, Pro, StartUp, Demo):

- Access the 
Key Generator page;
- Find your order based on the "Order Created" date and "Order Number" and press the "Generate Key" button
- You will be able to choose the platform (iOS, Android, Windows) and fill in your app IDs. You can create separate keys for each platform or a single key for all of them;
- To create
 separate keys for each platform, press on the "Generate Key" button each time after you add the app ID to one platform. To create a single key for all platforms, press on the "Generate Key" button after you add all the app IDs to all the platforms. Please keep in mind that the key cannot be changed post creation to support more than one platform;
- Once the key is generated, you can download it and copy it into your project. Not sure where to enter the license key in your project? 

Go to the FAQ Where do I put the license key?

Go to FAQ Detailed steps to generate a commercial license key

If you have any concerns, please contact us via