As mentioned on the store page, only the Enterprise license includes ticket-based support. All other licenses include only forum-based support.

We kindly ask you to start by double-checking the documentation and searching the forum for similar topics.
If this doesn’t help, please post the question on the forum where the team specialized in technical queries can get back to you.
Keep in mind that response times in the forum may vary according to the severity of a possible issue, the time needed for investigation and checking.

When posting on the forum, provide all the details on the topic, including:

- Which version of the Wikitude SDK are you using (eg.: Wikitude SDK 7.2, Wikitude SDK 8.1, etc)?
- Which SDK are you working with (Unity, Android Native/JS, iOS Native /JS, Windows, Cordova, Xamarin)? What version of the platform (eg: Unity 5.5.6, Cordova 4.3.0, Android Studio 3.0, etc)
- What device does this happen with - OS Version and device model (eg: Sony Xperia F5321, Android 8.0)?
- Is this happening with the sample app or in your own app? If it happens with your own app, does the sample app work on your device?
- A video demonstrating your issue so we can check how we can reproduce this
- The crash log (should it be the case)

If you have any concerns, please contact us via