We can make this change for customers with a commercial license. 

After you make sure what the final credentials you plan to use are, we can manually make the data transfer on our end. Please, do not create a developer account with the new email address in the meantime. 

You can make the request by sending an email to sales@wikitude.com covering the following topics: 

1. Email Subject line: Account transfer request 

2. What is the old email address: ..... 

3. What is the new email address: ..... 

4. Let us know if the transfer should be done in the following areas:      

*In case you are not replying to the below subpoints, we will assume a positive answer and move forward with making the changes in all applicable areas.    

4a. Studio projects + Cloud access (when applicable) + Studio API access (when applicable)  - Yes/No    

*We can only transfer studio projects to emails that are not yet registered or to accounts that have nothing stored in Studio)    

4b. Commercial license key/keys (when applicable) - Yes/No     

4c. Purchase data (when applicable) - Yes/No    

*Your old purchases (as long as they were made via the online store) will be displayed in your new account after the email change.    

*Subscription management can be done via the email address registered under 'purchase data'.    

*If you have a running subscription, the renewal notice will be sent to the email address registered under 'purchase data'.    

4d. Newsletter (should you be subscribed) and relevant product announcements - Yes/No