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Wikitude SDK Extended Tracking not working


I have some problem with the Extended Object Tracking feature of the Wikitude SDK for Unity.

My Unity version is 2021.3.23f1

My Wikitude version in 9.13.0

The device I'm testing my project on is a OnePlus 6 with Android 11.

Basically, I'd like to implement Extended Tracking in my project to make my AR assets "stay in place" even when facing the camera in another direction, but of all the solutions I tried nothing worked, and the assets are always deleted when the object tracking is lost. 

I must say all my attempts have been made on a very simple project: I took the Wikitude samples, changed the WTO with my custom one and added few basic assets (just a cube or two, really); the tracking feature worked very well even with a not so good point cloud, but I need the Extended Tracking feature to go on with my project.

- I first tried with the Expert Edition SDK, but I didn't manage to use the AR Bridge feature because the camera had serious lag problems.
Changed device to be sure, but with the other one the camera wasn't working at all.

- I tried the solution posted here for AR Foundation:
but it did not change anything; on the contrary, it compromised also the normal object recognition.

- At last, after many attempts, tried to change the SDK from Expert to Professional: I read the Extended Traking native feature is no more supported, but decided to try anyway, since it is still in the code.

I see the Professional SDK has more features and of course I checked the "Extended Tracking" parameter for the object I want to recognize, however it simply deletes all the AR assets as soon as my object is not recognized. 

Is there a solution for my problem, or is this feature unreliable once and for all?
I'd be happy to solve these issues in any way, be it with Wikitude Professional or Expert + AR Bridge, so every suggestion is appreciated!

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