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White Screen on Android Build

Using Unity 2021.3.20f1 and Wikitude SDK V.9.13 Professional for Object Tracking, I always get a white screen on my Android devices. In the editor, everything works fine but once I export the projekt on my S6 Tablet, I see the Unity logo, the UI elements, the app even asks for camera permission but the display remains white. 

I already did the previously mentioned fixes in the forum by turning off multithreaded rendering, and setting the clear flags on the AR camera to Depth only. It did not fix the problem. 

My Tablet is using Android 11.0. I hope you can help me fix this issue.

Thank you in advance 

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Hi Nusret,

unfortunately Unity 2021.X is not supported by our SDK yet. The version that's recommended to use is 2020.3.18f. We will be releasing a new SDK version 9.14 soon which will change that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

With best regards,


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