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Ionic Angular Context Problem

So I have managed to write a wrapper for Ionic Capacitor (Angular flavor) , which makes the running of Wikitude Cordova Plugin possible.  The only issue right now is the 




Because the function in Plugin 


WikitudePlugin.prototype.setJSONObjectReceivedCallback = function(onJSONObjectReceived) {
		cordova.exec(onJSONObjectReceived, this.onWikitudeError, "WikitudePlugin", "onJSONObjectReceived", [""]);


works in a way that it passes a function   to the SDK , which is then executed on the page .

So if we have an angular page, where we start the sdk, I cannot pass to it some function which has like 



 Because this is undefined. 

Is there any way from withing the Architect World to tell the SDK to close itself ?



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Seems the usage of new  sendJSONObject() function is useless when you use it in ionic/angular because you can just pass a javascript which runs somewhere out of context.

To have ability to close the Scanner we had to implement our own custom scheme logic .

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