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License & key error


We recently purchased a Standard SDK license and I'm trying to activate it.

I created the key for our app using an App ID.
I have used the same package name in the Unity->Project Settings->Player.
I added the generated key in the "Wikitude License Key" field on the examples of the Wikitude Pro version, 

but when I run them, I get these errors:

Error initializing tracker! Error Code: 1003 Error Domain: com.wikitude.tracker_manager Error Message: Unable to create ImageTracker Underlying Error: Error Code: 1006 Error Domain: com.wikitude.license Error Message: Image tracker could not be created because of licensing issues. Underlying Error: Error Code: 1004 Error Domain: com.wikitude.license Error Message: The license key provided does not match the app id. Underlying Error: Error Code: 1011 Error Domain: com.wikitude.licensing Error Message: Application name not licensed. Actual application name: com.ISENSE.CirculAR Licensed application name(s): [ "com.wikitude.sdksamples", "com.wikitude.phonegapsamples", "com.wikitude.titaniumsample", "com.wikitude.titaniumsample", "com.wikitude.xamarinexample", "com.wikitude.nativesdksampleapp", "com.wikitude.unityexample", "com.wikitude.fluttersamples" ]


I have also emailed Wikitude's support (Feb. 24) but I haven't got any replies back.


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