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Multiple precompiled assemblies with the same name WikitudeBridge.dll included on the current platform.

 When import the Wikitude SDK professional unity package to my project, it shows this error. Please help.

Hi Nilotpal,

which version of the Professional Edition are you using?

With best regards,


I am using Wikitude_Unity_9-13-0_9-13-0_2023_02_09_12_16_04

Hey Nilotpal,

it seems you are mixing two versions of our SDK, Expert Edition and Professional Edition. Either you have used Expert Edition before in you project, then I'd advise you to stick with it since you don't have to change your project setup. Or you have imported both versions at the same time. In this case please stick with either of the versions, Expert or Professional. Since both use different versions of some files (like in your example the WikitudeBridge.dll) they don't work together.

A quick fix would be to remove the DLL you don't want to use (if you want to stick with Professional Edition then remove the file at C:/Users/kalya/AR-Sample-project/com.wikitude.core/Runtime/Libraries/WikitudeBridge.dll). A better solution would be to remove the package you don't want to use any more.

With best regards,


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