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error: 'zbar/Exception.h' file not found

Hi am Unity 3d Android developer i imported your wikitude sdk 9.12V 8.3.0V 2.1.0V and 7.1.0 but when i try to build it launches this build error   (error: 'zbar/Exception.h' file not found)    i have no idea why it happens in only with your sdk, i even tried three different versions of unity 2020.3.31f1  2021.3.16f 2021.2.17f and 2022.2.0f1 but the same error appears,am using Il2cpp for backend scripting and Arm64 i followed all the steps in the documentation

 please i would be so happy if you could help me out
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Brahim,

I recommend you to just use only one SDK version at the time. To make sure the SDK and its samples are working I would suggest to create an empty project using Unity 2020.3.31f1 or lower (currently supported version is 2020.3.17f1) and import download our SDK with version 9.10 from here. Using this version you can see the SDK including our samples (which we had to temporarily remove in the current 9.12 version). If you can run the samples without the error and they behave as expected I would suggest to create a new empty scene and import our most recent SDK 9.12 to work on your project.

Note: Although I can't give you a specific date yet we will soon release a new version of our SDK 9.13 which besides features and fixes include the samples again, so you don't have to use older versions any more in order to see them.

With best regards,


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