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onTouch event in the flutter app on ios 16, doesn't work.

dev eviroments is below.

- Flutter 2.10.0

- Dart 2.16.0

- Wiki-tude 9.12.0

- Gradle 7.3

- Kotlin 1.5.31

test target device were ios 16.1.1(iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max)

for the instant tracking, I tried to move 3d model drawables and zoom.

even though my code worked well in the Flutter app on android,

but not in Flutter app on ios

onTrackingStarted, onTrackingStopped, onTrackingPlaneClick, onTrackingPlaneDragBegan, onTrackingPlaneDragChanged. onTrackingPlaneDragEnded

these are in the .js file I attached, and all of them didn't work on ios only.

webview area can be interactable since I put the 'close ar view' button in the html that excute the code below

AR.platform.sendJSONObject({action: "CLOSE"}) <- It worked perfect when I press the button.

but whenever I tried to touch any drawble and drag, not work only in the ios flutter app.

I'm even not sure when the incident started.

where should I start from?

(13.8 KB)
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