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Wikitude ARView crashing

Hi! I'm using the Flutter SDK and Wikitude 9.9.0.

Locally my app is running fine, but once I got the app into Testflight (iOS) and an Internal testing track (android), the app has begun to crash when switching between the flutter screen and the ARView. 

The error I'm getting in my crash logs for iOS is: "WikitudeSDK: invocation function for block in wikitude::ios::InternalOpenGLESRenderer::start() + 56"

The only error I'm getting in Google Play is different though. It's:  "Your app uses a defective version of the OpenSSL library, which can cause your app to crash. Update to a fixed version of OpenSSL.

Defective versions:

OpenSSL 1.1.1d"

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I've updated my Wikitude SDK version to 9.12, but the app is still crashing with the same error.

Even after upgrading to Wikitude SDK 9.12, the app continues to crash for the same reason. gartic phone

Here's the Android crash log:


  #04  pc 0x0000000000d8e2e0 ==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk! (gameplay::Game::frame()+196)

  #05  pc 0x0000000000436144 ==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!

  #06  pc 0x000000000044d274 ==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk! (Java_com_wikitude_common_rendering_internal_NativeInternalRenderingInterface_drawFrameNative+64)

  #07  pc 0x0000000000440554  /apex/ (art_quick_generic_jni_trampoline+148)

  #08  pc 0x000000000020a910  /apex/ (nterp_helper+5648)

  #09  pc 0x00000000000b0a28 ==/oat/arm64/base.vdex (com.wikitude.common.rendering.internal.NativeInternalRenderingInterface.b+4)

  #10  pc 0x000000000020b074  /apex/ (nterp_helper+7540)

  #11  pc 0x00000000000b0cd2 ==/oat/arm64/base.vdex (com.wikitude.common.rendering.internal.b.onDrawFrame+42)

  #12  pc 0x000000000020b120  /apex/ (nterp_helper+7712)

  #13  pc 0x00000000004499d0  /system/framework/framework.jar (android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$GLThread.guardedRun+1096)

  #14  pc 0x000000000020a254  /apex/ (nterp_helper+3924)

  #15  pc 0x0000000000449fd4  /system/framework/framework.jar (android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$

  #16  pc 0x0000000000436b6c  /apex/ (art_quick_invoke_stub+556)

  #17  pc 0x0000000000468938  /apex/ (art::ArtMethod::Invoke(art::Thread*, unsigned int*, unsigned int, art::JValue*, char const*)+156)

  #18  pc 0x0000000000468620  /apex/ (art::JValue art::InvokeVirtualOrInterfaceWithJValues<art::ArtMethod*>(art::ScopedObjectAccessAlreadyRunnable const&, _jobject*, art::ArtMethod*, jvalue const*)+388)

  #19  pc 0x0000000000618040  /apex/ (art::Thread::CreateCallback(void*)+1668)

  #20  pc 0x00000000000c14dc  /apex/ (__pthread_start(void*)+204)

  #21  pc 0x0000000000054930  /apex/ (__start_thread+64)

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