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(Flutter)html objects are covered by camera view in the js samples

Flutter SDK, version 9.9 - 9.12

tested example source : link

(of SDK 9.9 version sample)

this only happen in the 'android'. not in the 'ios'.

I recently re-started the extra flutter project with trial license which I have paused for 6 months.

i got bunch of errors while building it then needed to upgrade latest flutter version.

after then, I tried my project with latest wikitude flutter sdk(9.12) and got some weird situation but build success.

the situation is that 'html objects(for ui) covered by camera view'. I even didn't figure it out until I tried official wikitude flutter sample I posted the url above.

then I rolled back wikitude sdk to 9.9 that It was been when I paused the projcet, and it even cannot be build with bunch of errors. I tried to handles it as much as possible but couldn't.

after then, I thought my flutter code could be wrong but how about wikitude flutter example sample.

then tried and got weird situation like I got from my project.

I also posted screen shots of the incident.

uppper and below one are same sample js example name is "07_3dModels_3_Interactivity".
when I open from the "
wikitude android app for dev", it worked like usual, properly.

but when I tried it with '9.9 example sample of wikitude flutter with latest flutter version(3.x.x)'.
it happened even though there was very few edit.

what is the problem? and what can I do to fix it?

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adding more info.

Tried with 'flutter downgrade to 2.0.0' and applied wikitude flutter sdk 9.9 and it worked well.

I'll keep both versions for now but I think wikitude need to update sdk for compatible latest flutter not far.

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