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Object Scans Look One Sided


First of all, I'm using Unity SDK v9.10.

I'm having a problem where I try to create object trackers with images I took with my phone. I created a background with solid color and no sharp edges, as docs told me. I tried to take photos from all sides and uploaded them to the WikitudeStudio. My object is a lego of a T-Rex, so it is pretty much symmetrical on both sides. The problem is, the point cloud seems like it has only one side. The other side seems non existent, with no arms whatsoever. And when I try to scan it, only one side works, and i can't get it to detect the other side. Am I missing some kind of option?

Hi Umuthan,
it seems that the point cloud is not right indeed and there is no option to account for something like mirroring or so... How many pictures did you take to create the target?

Kind regards,

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I took 28 photos, equally on both sides.

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