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Combination of object tracking with alignment initialization + Extended Tracking possible?


we are using the Wikitude SDK - Expert Edition 9.10.0 on Unity 2020.3.24f1 for an iOS App.

We need object tracking with alignment initialization and extended tracking but cannot get it to work. 

No matter which AR Bridge option we use, the tracked model always gets lost and we need to re-align it with the model in the camera view.

We also tried AR Foundation and switched manually from Wikitude to AR Foundation plane tracking as soon as the model gets tracked. But then the 3d model is out of position.

Are there any guides on how to do this? I can't find an example scene.

Thanks, Stefan

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Hi Stefan,
that usually happens if the real world scale of the object target's point cloud is not right. The Wikitude tracking algorithms will try to match the target's features contained in the target collection to the camera image it receives. If the point cloud in the target collection is for instance too big, the position from the camera/device to the target will be greater than it should be. The pose will be of course updated every frame and while tracking, this won't cause any issues, but as you mentioned, when tracking is lost, the position might not be right to be picked up by AR Foundation's tracking.
Could you share a picture, where the offset is apparent?

Kind regards,


P.S.: You can check the size of the target by visualizing its point cloud either in the Unity Editor (I like to compare it to a default Unity cube, which is 1x1x1 meter in size) or in Wikitude Studio.

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