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Image and Object recognition in the same Unity scene.

In my Unity project i need to recognize both types ( image and objects ). But if Image recognition is on ( the GameObject with ImageTracker script is active ) then the object recognition doesn't works but image recognition works. While if Image recognition is off ( the GameObject with ImageTracker script is not active ) the object recognition works. 

On wikitude studio side i've created 2 different project, one for image recognition and one for object recognition. 

Wikitude support both recognition in the same Unity scene? 

If not, there is a way to have both recognition type in the same Unity scene or project?

Ok, i find solution my self. With Pro3D only one object per time can be tracked.

But now, I need more info about memory usage. If no trakerobject is active in scene, the memory is around 170MB. If I active the tracker object with 18 target in the two, the memory on device go up to 1.5GB and device crash. Why is so much memory occupied if wto has that number of targets?

Hi Pasquale,
yes, you are right, the professional edition SDK allows only image OR object tracking to be active at the same time, while the expert edition SDK allows for a wild combination of those. If you have an existing license but want to use expert edition, feel free to write a ticket to I am sure that the colleagues will help out to find the best solution for everyone.

Regarding the memory allocation issue: During activation of a tracker, loading the target collection into usually generates a spike in memory usage. To avoid this, you could split up the target collection into 2 or 3 target collections. In expert edition you could then create separate ImageTrackers for each collection and activate them in sequence after the previous one finished loading (there is a callback after the target collection has been loaded -> TargetCollectionResource.OnFinishLoading).

Kind regards,

P.s.: Another thing that can help with memory allocation and big target collections would obviously be Cloud Image Recognition!

Thanks for your replay. Unfortunately for costumer needs the Cloud Recognition is not an option. About memory question you suggest to use OnFinishLoading method to activate trackers sequentially but is option is only available for expert edition and not for professional. It's correct?

Yes, that's correct.

Kind regards,


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