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Stacking POI issue how to avoid?


We used the GeoAR feature of wikitude and have developed a AR application for a customer that has a lot of POI inside an archaeological site.  

By our search in the forum and with testing the alitude is not a viable solution. We wandering if you can give us some insights on what is the best approach to avoid the stacking issue. We attaching an image with our problem.

From the image you can see that there a lot of labels in the horizon. We have limited the label display in 80 meters but the problem is still there.


  • Our client has a license key for 8.10.1 but is willing to buy a new one if there is a solution. 
  • We are using JS API with Cordova. 
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If you have a large amount of POI markers and these are in the similar direction, then these are overlapping unless you e.g. cluster them. If you search our forum for the term POI clustering you find some posts that deal with this topic.

In general we only recommend to display a limited amount of POIs in the camera view, for UX purposes, so the user can more easily find the POIs.

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