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export model with transparency

 Hello everyone,

Hope someone can help or uide me in the right direction

I have a model of a house that I need to be transparent. something like this


I am a bit lost how to correctly export this with cinema 4d to correctly be inportet to the encoder. When I bake the transparency with bake object the transparency is lost, if I bake the model without it and add it later to the baked texture wikitude doesn't correctly import it. I get strange shading issues

I also tried it with alpha but that doesn't work either

Has someone an I dea how to export it correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help

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I do not know anything specific regarding how to export from Cinema4D to FBX, but the Wikitude SDK should definitely support material transparency.

I'm not entirely sure about transparent textures on 3D models, though.

Could you provide the resulting wt3 file for me to have a look at?

- Daniel

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