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Load POIs on screen opening


I'm working with :

         SDK version: 8.4.0 

         Platform: ANDROID

          JavaScript API (Geolocation)

I want to know why the POIs aren't loaded when I open the application directly, they don't show on screen until I click the "range" Panel. How can i fix this? 

Thank you in advance


I would need more info about your issue. How are you reproducing this issue? With a custom app created by you or with our sample app? If it is with our sample app, which specific sample are you opening? Which device are you using? Do you have GPS enabled and the permission is given?

Sorry for the amount of questions, but I want to make sure to follow all your steps in case I need to reproduce it with our app.

Best regards,



- the app is with a sample app : limitingrange sample.

- i'm working with android devices (Javascript API for geo based AR app)

- yes GPS is enabled and permissions are given and once i click the "load" button, i receive the POIs but i need them to load automatically once i open the screen.

- SDK : android 8.4.0

I hope i was helpfull



I've been testing the Limiting Range sample in our 8.4.0 JS Android sample app and everything is working fine. I noticed that this sample doesn't have a "load" button, but a range one, so I'm wondering if the sample you mention is correct. In any case, the POIs are shown automatically when opening the sample. Can you try with our 9.10.0 version to see if you can reproduce the same issue? Which device are you using and which Android version does it has?



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