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How to make Instant Tracking more stable

Hello, I am currently developing an app using Unity 2020.3.17 and Wikitude, and was wondering if there are any ways to make the AR Instant Tracking more stable—it frequently loses focus when moving around, and especially when turning around, causing all AR objects to disappear.

I'm using a modified version of the Instant Tracking - Simple sample scene to spawn custom game objects, but I don't think custom objects would be causing the issue. So far it's only been tested on Android, but this has occurred on multiple devices.

Bumping and working with the OP on this issue.  Steps to produce issue:

1. User clicks button to detect plane surface.

2.  Objects appear on plane (floating 3-5 feet above ground)

3.  User slowly walks through objects, pointing camera forward.

4.  User slowly turns around, pointing camera where objects were.

5.  Objects disappear.

6.  User slowly walks back to original location.

7.. Objects reappear.

We need the user to still see objects when they slowly walk through, walk around, turn around etc. 


A way to improve the stability is to enable SMART on the Instant Tracker. This then uses ARKit or ARCore for tracking if available. Since those native AR frameworks use the IMUs of the mobile device to better track the world position, the tracking won't be lost as easily. On the other hand, Wikitude's Instant Tracking solution will also work on devices not supporting those native AR frameworks. But since it isn't using IMU data, the tracking can be lost during quick changes of scenery (quick in this case meaning from the perspective of the computer vision algorithms).

Kind regards,

Thank you! We will try and circle back!

We have enabled SMART on the tracker (it wasn't initializing properly before), but now the AR is crashing but only on some devices. It works fine on an S10e, but crashes on an S10+.

We tried building out the default "Instant Tracking - Simple" scene from a brand new project, set up according to Wikitude's "Setup Guide Unity Plugin", but it still crashes on the S10+. It works fine on the S10e, even though both are using the same Android version.

Thanks Bill.

Is there a way we can turn on debug logging, to see the last command sent before it crashes?  It crashed after clicking "Always Allow Camera Access" while using the app.   I restarted the app after it crashed and then it worked.

Hi Micky and Bill,

Would it be possible to share some logcat logs?

Kind regards,

Bill fixed the issue, and he should post the solution shortly!  We loved playing our proof of concept game with the Wikitude SDK.  Very cool!!!

Some of the build settings weren't set up properly—we seemed to have skipped over a small section in Google's ARCore documentation before, and make sure we following all the steps in there seemed to have worked.

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