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Wikitude 9.10.0 ARFoundation - Advanced Rendering sample not working

Wikitude 9.10.0 ARFoundation - Advanced Rendering sample not working.

Project Info;
Unity 2021.1.22f1
URP: 11.0.0.
Wikitude 9.10.0

I've set up URP correctly with the ARBackgroundRendererFeature in the renderer settings. I've run the URP Helper tool.

I've tested the sample scene "Simple - Object Tracking", and it works with the hybrid .wto you've supplied us with. Both on build and with the live preview in the editor. 

However, when I try out using the "AR Foundation - Advanced Rendering" sample scene, both the preview and the build don't work (the object is never recognized). 

Things I've noticed; 
The URP Helper tool does not change anything in the AR foundation sample scenes - is this because they are URP compatible by default, or do I have to do something manually?
If the latter (using the camera overlay method) then should I create a new camera in the scene? And which camera should be overlay and which should be base? And how should these be interconnected to AR Foundation and Wikitude's SDK's? 

Best regards, 
Mathias Munk Ulrich

Also, I'm getting this error on Android builds;

Unity Wikitude SDK ERROR: Platform was not properly initialized. Please make sure that the Platform.cs script is part of your build!

This error is present in both sample scenes (the one that works, and the one that doesn't).

Hi Mathias,
The platform error mostly comes if the license key is not set correctly. If you further investigate the error, are there any underlying errors mentioned?

Please ensure that the license is set in the project settings. This will also add it to the preloaded assets in the Player Settings, so be sure to commit this change if you use version control.

Regarding URP and AR Foundation:
Live Preview in AR Foundation is only working with third party solutions like the AR Foundation Editor Remote.

The URP Helper tool isn't changing anything in the AR Foundation scenes, because they don't have a separate camera to render the camera image like in the other scenes. Therefore, there is no need to set up a camera stack. Do you see the camera frames rendered correctly? If yes, it might have to do something with the license not set. Feel free to share an adb log for further investigation.

Kind regards,

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