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iOS App Submission & UnityFramework


Wikitude Unity plugin version 8.3

Unity 2020.3.1f1

Xcode 12.4


Unity recently, our app development has been in Unity 2018, and we recently transitioned to Unity 2020. This introduced a new standard for Unity's iOS builds wherein plugins and files are contained within UnityFramework.framework (which is where I see Wikitude's generated code and other files). However, upon our first submission to the iOS App Store, these errors arose:

ERROR ITMS-90205: "Invalid Bundle. The bundle at '[AppName].app/Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework' contains disallowed nested bundles."

ERROR ITMS-90206: "Invalid Bundle. The bundle at '[AppName].app/Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework' contains disallowed file 'Frameworks'."

These seem to indicate that Wikitude must be hosted outside of UnityFramework rather than embedded within. Is there any way to set the target to the main target instead of UnityFramework in this version of Wikitude? Or any other suggestions to get around this issue? 

I have tried simply moving the framework and Unity bridge lib onto the main target, but that results in compiler errors related to associated code calling into them. 

Thanks for your help.

That proposed fix did not solve it. However, we just figured it out now. The key is that WikitudeSDK.framework on the main target should be set to Embed & Sign, but the WikitudeSDK.framework that Unity puts inside UnityFramework.framework should remain as Do Not Embed, so as not to include it as a framework within a framework when archived. We had always set both of them to Embed & Sign, which worked fine for direct device builds, but seems this is how it must be for app submissions.

Glad to hear that it works at the end, and thanks for sharing the solution!

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Could you try the proposed fix described in this post? game

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Great solution!

thank you for providing the solution

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