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Image tracker could not be created because of licensing issues

Using Expert Edtion 9-9-1

Unity 2020.3.13f1

We are using the WikitudeSDK OnSDKInitialised event to know when the SDK is ready for use. In that callback we are creating a runtime ImageTracker and ImageTrackable using the code sample "Simple - Runtime Tracker".

When we do, we get this error at the bottom.

But strangely, if I click on the WikitudeSDK GameObject so it is visible in the Inspector, the problem goes away. Is there something we need to do to wait for a successful SDK startup? Is the act of looking at it in the Inspector fixing something up?


Tracker Initialization Error

        Error Code: 1003

        Error Domain: com.wikitude.tracker_manager

        Error Message: Unable to create ImageTracker

    Underlying Error:

        Error Code: 1006

        Error Domain: com.wikitude.license

        Error Message: Image tracker could not be created because of licensing issues.

    Underlying Error:

        Error Code: 1002

        Error Domain: com.wikitude.license

        Error Message: The license key provided is incorrect.

    Underlying Error:

        Error Code: 1100

        Error Domain: com.wikitude.licensing

        Error Message: Empty license key given


UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)

Wikitude.TrackerManager:PrintError (string,Wikitude.Error)

Wikitude.TrackerManager/<>c__DisplayClass25_0:<TrackerInitializationError>b__0 ()

Wikitude.TrackerManagerQueue:Execute ()

Wikitude.TrackerManager:ExecuteQueue ()

Wikitude.WikitudeSDK:UpdateInternal ()

Wikitude.WikitudeSDK:Update ()

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It seems that the license key is not properly set. Did you already follow the steps to acquire and set the license key, as described here:

Additionally, you don't necessarily need to wait for the SDK to start up to create trackers and trackables. You can do that right from the beginning and the SDK will pick them up as soon as it can.

Best regards,


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