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Image Target Quality Estimation

I'm wondering if there is a way to get an estimation about images`s quality so I'm able to warn my user if the image it chooses isn't good enough.

I know that using studio API and loading images there I could get the number of stars. But my plan doesn´t include access to Studio API so I need to get an alternative way to check the quality of every image my users attempt to use.

I appreciate a lot any resource I could use to achieve this goal. 


Hi Enol,

the star and distribution rating are the indicators we offer for image quality indication. Could you please explain in more details about your plans to create and make the image targets available?

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola, 

Thanks for your quick response and sorry if I didn´t explain very well. I'm going to ty to do it better.

My platform let users choose the image they want to create an augmented reality experience with it. This image will be the target image. When users load an image I would like to give feedback about if that image is good or not, in the same way Wikitude Studio does. 

So, my questions are:

¿Does Wikitude provide a way to check quality of an image in a different way than loading in Studio? Something like an API or cli that I can run on my side

If not, ¿is there any document, paper or something that I could use to implement my own algorithm to check this image quality?

Thanks and regards!


Hi Enol,

thx for your feedback. You can work with the Studio API to add the images to a Target Collection and also get details about the star and distribution rating for the images. Please have a look at the Studio API documentation that is available here:

Thx and greetings


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