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Instant Tracking and Image tracking not working on moto g(30) with Unity Plugin

Unity version: 2020.3.10f1

Wikitude Unity Professional Edition: Wikitude SDK 9.8.0

Device: moto g(30) with Android  11

1. Image tracking


I have checked the camera 2 API and camera support API2 with the LEVEL_3 support level. See the attached image and also attached logs from unity. However, the camera doesnt start and I don't see any errors in console. When I turn of camera API2 support then Image tracking is working.

2. Instant tracking


With Camera API2 enabled or disabled (doesnt matter) instant tracking is not working when SMART is enabled and the camera doesn't start. In my code, I check Platform Assisted Tracking and I get the positive answer ("Running with platform assisted tracking support".) 

I am attaching logs from unity Android logcat for both options when API2 is enabled or disabled.

If any other info is required please contact me.  



Thank you for providing the logs. In the Image Tracking case there is the following log at the end indicating that there was an error when attempting to start the camera:

ERROR_CAMERA_DISABLED received, indicating that the camera device could not be opened due to a device policy. (code 1001)

Also, in the Instant Tracking case, there is an error message coming from ARCore indicating that the camera was not started

2021/08/16 22:43:01.696 17592 17633 Error native E0816 22:43:01.696423   17633] FAILED_PRECONDITION: 

2021/08/16 22:43:01.696 17592 17633 Error native ARCoreError: third_party/arcore/ar/core/

2021/08/16 22:43:01.696 17592 17633 Error native  ['ArStatusErrorSpace::AR_ERROR_NOT_YET_AVAILABLE']

I'm not sure what exactly is causing the issue, but it seems that both our SDK and ARCore are struggling to access the camera. This also doesn't look like a regular camera permissions issue, which I assume were granted to the application. Could you please test if other ARCore applications are running fine on this phone? And have you encountered this issue on any other device, or is it limited to this Motorola phone?

Thank you,



1. I have tried some other AR app available from the play store and they seem to be working OK.

2. Also your example app for unity -  instant tracking scene is not working on Motorola phone.

3. I was trying to catch On Camera Error but was not successful.

We experienced similar problems with these devices as well: Samsung Galaxy A40,Motorola moto e(7) plus


Thank you for the additional information. We're looking into the issue more closely and will let you know in case we have any updates.

Best regards,



Based on the provided information we were able to identify a possible cause for this issue. We created a custom version that aims to solve the problem, which can be downloaded here. Since we don't have access to the affected devices, which means we can not reproduce the issue, please test the provided SDK version on those devices and tell us if the fix is working for you. Please note that this is not a properly tested release-ready version of the SDK and should therefore not be used in a published app.

Thank you for your help,


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