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Instant Tracker Initialization Grid Does Not Appear in AR app/Android 8.0


I have upgraded my AR app from Unity 2018.2.18f1 to Unity 2021.1.13f1 and also upgraded the Wikitude package from 8.5 to 9.9. Using the same C# Visual Studio scripts and having no errors or warnings. When I build and run the app on my Samsung SM T835 tablet, the device the builds successfully, but when it runs on the tablet everything is fine except that the grid for the Instant Tracker Initialization is not there anymore. So I think the tracking never starts. The same app is working perfectly when I run it from my old version before the Unity upgrade. I have checked the migration notes and the documentation and found no clue yet. Do u have any solution for that problem?.

To reproduce the issue:

-Build & run the AR app

-Unity 2021.1.13f1

Thanks in advance,

Abdelrahman Moharam














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So to make my question more clear. My application has a grid which is for the user to confirm the initilization of the Instant Tracker. If tracking can be started the grid turns from blue to yellow and then when the user confirms that initialization is done by pressing a button then it turns green and becomes the origin of augmentations with tracking started. Here in the screenshots below the different stages of the grid are shown. This was working perfectly fine with Unity 2018.2.18f1 and  Wikitude 8.5.  After the upgrading AR app with the same code and configurations to Unity 2021.1.13f1 and  Wikitude 9.9. The grid disappeared although no single line of code has changed and there are no errors or warnings. Do you have any idea what might be the reason for that? or How to fix it?. 

Thanks in advance

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