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My target image doesn't work


I used Wikitude studio to convert my target image to wtc format ... and it got star rating 3 but the Distribution Rating is zero .

And when I tried to replace the image on target wtc file with my wtc file it didnt recognise my image .

I tried to replace the target name in the Image trackable with "*" and it didnt work .

So can you help to know where the problem is ..... if it is because distribution rating how can I increase it ?

I am using your flutter wikitude examples in the android studio with mu physical device .

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The distribution rating indicates how well feature-points scatter over the target image. The more stars a target has, the more reliable it can be recognized and tracked, even if partly covered.

So it could be that the target is not suitable for recognition / tracking. Could you please provide the image, so we can have a look at it?

Thx and greetings


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