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Freeze Camera frame and popped 3D model after object detection

I am using Wikitude SDK 9.7 for multiple object detection. My .wto file has 10 object targets. Is there a way to freeze the last frame rendered by the camera (May be like a screenshot of camera image in background and instantiated 3D model of the detected object target in foreground) and retain the detected 3D model ?
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If you are using our JS SDK, we have an API to capture the screen shown in our 10_BrowsingPois_6_Bonus-CaptureScreen sample. As summary, in Android we are using the ArchitectView.captureScreen() method.

I would have a question: what do you mean by retain the detected 3D model? Is it action of tracking the object while taking the image or something different? A bit more of information would be helpful.



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