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Wikitude SDK Unity PE 9.6 AR - Multiple Object tracking

Hi, i have a problem with multiple object tracking in my project.So what i am trying to do is to recognize some old buildings (even wrecked ones) and then have a matching model appear in it's place to show how they where many years ago.

I have created a wto file which contains markers of each building i am trying to recognize, but the problem is that the cloud of points that appears from the marker(hit preview on the trackable object of the object tracker), is always at the same place(0,0).I am trying to match the model(face of the building) with the points of this cloud in order to have the model appear correctly in the place of the building that the camera sees.But i have many buildings to recognize that are side by side. I have a marker for each building.How can i match the cloud of points to my models when the position of the cloud does not change? My models place can not be one on top of the other.Thanks.

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