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Run Unity+wikitude 9.8 on Android device


I have a Unity project in which I use Wikitude for image and 3D object recognition. My project run and works fine on iOS. 

I would like to build it and run it on Android, I followed the tutorial and set the parameters as the Setup Guide (wikitude 9.8).

When I build and run it, the application crash directly and on Android Logcat I have some error and particularly this one about Wikitude : 


(I would like specify that my project without wikitude works fine on Android)

I did not find any solution on the forum. Can you help me please ?

Wikitude SDK version : 9.8

Unity 2020.2.3f1

Device: Google Pixel 3a

Android version of device: 11

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The likely cause for this is that some part of the SDK is missing in your project. You can use the sample project we provide as a reference for what should be included. Most importantly, the C# DLL files and the Android .aar plugin files should be present. Additionally, the Plugin.cs script should also be included.

In case the issue persists please let us know.

Best regards,


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