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Wikitude Professional Edition 9.8 + Unity URP


is there a way to make professional edition work with Unity URP? We had no problems with the expert edition, so we also wanted to ask if maybe the professional edition doesn't support urp yet....


Wikitude Professional Edition 9.8.0

Unity 2020.3.6 LTS

Thank you in advance!

Hi Leonardo,

Unity URP is available only in our Expert Edition. Since you have already tried it there and it was working as expected, may I ask why you would like to go with the Professional Edition? Is there any feature missing?

Thank you,



We tested the scene (Object) Recognition function recognizing and tracking only the facade of a building on both SDKs (Expert and PRO) in unity. And we have way better results using the PRO SDK.
On the PRO SDK, the tracking is more stable and the extended tracking works better. 
On the Expert SDK, the objects which are configured to be dependent on the building facade are jittering, and the extended tracking which takes advantage of ARCore and ARKit just doesn't work as well as the one of the PRO SDK.
We guess that is because of how the architecture of the Object Recognition function works on both SDKs. In the PRO SDK it looks like the tracked object is fixed to a position while the Camera moves. While in the Expert SDK it looks like the camera is the one that is fixed to a position while the tracked objects are the ones that move.

That is the reason why we would like to have URP support on the PRO SDK.

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