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Distance between targets unity

Technical details:

Wikitude SDK Professional Edition for Unity 9.8

I am migrating an application from vuforia to wikitude sdk to unity.

I have a function that measures the distance between 2 targets with a very simple passage in the unity: float distance = Vector3.Distance (target01.transform.position, target02.transform.position);

This works relatively well in vuforia, applying a 2cm error.

But when passing this function on wikitude, he cannot look at the distance for this function. Am I doing it right for the sdk or do you have another method of making it work on AR?

I need to be successful in deciding the purchase.

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In the Wikitude SDK, you can use the ImageTarget.ComputeCameraDistanceToTarget method to get the distance between two targets. A precondition for this to work correctly is that the image targets have the correct physical target height configured in the image target collection.

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