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How to get Current POI Clicked Marker Latitude & Longitude

Hi, im trying to get current poi marker latitude & longitude to create a route between user location and POI location selected by user, i've been successfully getting user location with World.userlocation.latitude & longitude.

but i can't figure how to get the location selected marker latitude & longitude, i tried World.currentMarker.poiData.latitude & longitude, but it didn't work, what did i do wrong here ?


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Did you have a look at our sample app? In the 08_PointOfInterest_4_SelectingPois sample, we show how to get the marker data that is currently being pressed. In case you already did, using World.currentMarker.poiData.latitude should work if it has been create properly. Nevertheless, our Marker class can be modified to your needs.

If the issue persists, please attach the code you are using so I can have a deeper look at what's wrong.



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